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The database contains thousands of patients, both adults and children

Used systems: Micromed Brainquick, Medtronic Keypoint 4, EMS Pegasus, EMS Surpass II, EMS Surpass LT, Carefusion NicOne

2005-2007 Pediatric Neurology Clinic -  Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children Cluj-Napoca

2007-2012 Neurology Clinic - Cluj County Emergency Hospital

2012-        Neurology Department - Municipal Clinical Hospital Cluj-Napoca

Coma monitoring

Recently initiated

Used system: Carefusion NicOne

2012-        Neurology Department - Municipal Clinical Hospital Cluj-Napoca

Intraoperative monitoring

Tens of patients

Used systems: Medtronic Keypoint 4, EMS Surpass II, EMS Surpass LT, Xltek Protektor

               2010-        Neurology Department - Municipal Clinical Hospital Cluj-Napoca

2013-        Neurosurgery Clinic - Cluj County Emergency Hospital



Member - FARMACYP - Pharmacogenomic implications of genes CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and MDR1 polymorphisms in antiepileptic drugs therapeutic efficacy evaluation in idiopathic epilepsy - nr. 41-082, 2007-2010

Member - TROMBOGEN -Pharmacogenomic impact of the determination of VKORC1 and CYP2C9 genes over the efficacy, safety and costs of the anticoagulant treatment – nr. 42-127, 2008-2011

Member - ERIC - Ascertaining the mechanism of fine-tuning of the immune response in the human tumoral and inflammatory pathology in order to find innovative therapies. - nr. 42-147, 2008-2011

Director - The disease-modifying pharmaco-therapy induced expression of immunomodulatory receptors in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis - 27020/44/15.11.2011., 2011-2012

Mentor - Comparison of electrophysiologic parameters in Myasthenia gravis patients with or without antibodies to acetylcholine receptors or muscle-specific tyrosine kynase, before and after treatment with pyrido-/neostigmine – 22714/27/06.10.2011., 2011-2012

Mentor - Immunomodulatory receptor expression in the CSF of multiple sclerosis patients - 22714/46/06.10.2011., 2011-2013

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